Business Description:

World Trade Exchange provides an online trading platform for businesses to sell off ALL their products, services, businesses, and properties in 24 hours; to get interest-free financing for all their purchases; to increase sales revenue and profit by up to 10,000% in 7 days; and to solve all their business problems without using cash, but by using trade credit.

World Trade Exchange also helps investors to get 1,000 to 10,000% ROI through the Trade exchange business opportunities we provide.

Through Trade Exchange,

you will be able to solve all your business problems and achieve the following benefits:

Sell off all your products, services, businesses, and properties in 24 hours.

Whether your product inventory is worth $100,000, $100 million, $100 billion or more, it does not matter. You can achieve your one-year sales goal in 24 hours.

Increase your company revenue and profits by 1,000% to 10,000% or 10 to100 times FASTER, in 30 days, with no risk, no effort, no extra expense, and no extra investment whatsoever on your part than in the last 365 days COMBINED.

Secure any amount of interest-free financing (from $100,000 to $100 billion), without collateral security, in 5 minutes. No credit check is required. No endless paperwork to fill out. No waiting to get paid or leaving your house or office. Instant online approval-and your account will be credited in 5 minutes. No limit to the amount of financing you can get.

Get up to 90% discount on all your purchases. In other words, you can now get a discount of up to 90% on almost every product or service you buy.

Reduce expenses by 90% without reducing expenditure items.

Recoup all the debt owed your organization-or even debt you have written off your company books as bad debts-within 24 hours, without legal hassles.

FOR DEBTORS: Pay off any amount of debt you owe any individual or organization without spending your cash.

Advertise in various media without spending cash. Get free advertising and marketing services in various media (newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV stations) for your business or organization without cash cost.

Invest in new businesses and projects without the need for cash.

Grow or expand any business without cash. Extend your marketing or retail reach while reducing your cash outlays.

Acquire assets, properties, products, and services without cash cost to grow and expand your business. You can now acquire any type of asset (office equipment, accessories, machinery, office or residential accommodations, raw materials, cars, automobile, real estate, properties, domestic items, products, services, etc.) at absolutely no cash cost or risk.

Monetize the excess capacity in your business. Realize value from under-performing assets.

Every business must invest in the required space, equipment, people, etc., to provide their chosen goods and services. Most businesses cannot sell 100% of their capacity.

Whether your business is large or small, chances are, it is NOT always operating at full capacity.

You cannot sell yesterday's empty hotel rooms or empty airline seats today. You cannot sell yesterday's airtime today. And you cannot put passengers on an airplane that left the USA half empty last week.

You cannot talk about profits from your unsold inventory or your excess stock in your warehouse or store.

Empty tables at the restaurant, empty seats on an airplane, unoccupied hotel rooms, excess stock, slow-moving inventory, professionals with open appointments or idle time, under-utilized facilities or resources-these are spare capacity. More importantly, these represent lost revenue. Lost revenue is money down the drain. It is revenue that you can never recoup.

Every business loses revenue in not being able to maximize its time, resources, capacity, inventory, or investments.

This is where the World Trade Exchange comes in.

If you own or manage a restaurant, a retail store, hotel, theatre, service business, professional practice, manufacturing company, airline, or any other type of business that would like to maximize the excess capacity in their business and could use more sales, we can help your company.


  • Excess inventory
  • Over-stock
  • Under-utilized assets
  • Down time
  • Unsold seats
  • Non-peak rentals
  • Unused services
  • Idle production time
  • Idle facility
  • Empty seats
  • Spare capacity
  • Unsold rooms
  • Unbilled hours
  • Office space
  • Under-performing assets
  • Lost sales to competitors
  • Or any other goods or services of value with excess capacity


We can help you turn excess products, slow-service down time, and otherwise lost business into profitable sales and immediate cash flow.